Tree Removal Service in Charlotte, NC

Tree Trimming Service

Boon Tree Service provides peace of mind and expert care when it comes to removing trees and limbs from your Charlotte, NC home or property. We handle the tough jobs so you can enjoy your yard without worry or hassle. Here’s a closer look at our services and the benefits we can bring to you and your property:

  • Tree removal services: Even with the toughest jobs, our service team is able to deliver an excellent caliber of work in providing tree removal service. Our precision tree removal services target at-risk trees and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quick and high-quality results. We leave your yard, as well as your lawn, driveway, sprinklers and any other structures, in the same condition we found it.
  • Tree trimming services: When it comes to tree trimming, safety is our first priority. Our team uses tried and true techniques to trim even the most established and high-standing trees. We know you’re trusting us with a critical element of your property, which is why we treat your trees as if they were our own—we take great care in performing to your expectations.
  • Tree limb removal: Tree limbs that grow the wrong way can pose a serious danger to your home. Our team has the expertise to remove at-risk tree limbs in a safe and cautious manner. For tree limbs that are threatening power lines, fencing or even your roof, trust Boon Tree Service and our expert techniques to handle potentially harm-inducing situations.
  • Tree lifting: Our tree-lifting equipment makes even high-risk situations easier, and makes the use of heavy machinery unnecessary. After severe weather, consider our expert tree lifting services to make your property like new again.
  • Fertilizing with Nutri-Cast: Once all the heavy lifting is done, our team takes care to ensure the long life of your trees. Nutri-Cast is organic and uses a one-time application to spur tree roots to take hold. Using this fertilizer ensures the strength and long-term health of your trees.

Are you in need of hassle-free limb removal or tree cutting services in Charlotte, Belmont, or Gastonia, NC? When it comes time to remove or trim your yard’s trees, put your trust in the professionals at Boon Tree Service. To meet with our expert crew and get your free estimate, contact us today at 704-545-8784.